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Muddled about certain words? Don’t worry, Panda’s got you covered

Do certain words elude – escape – you, no matter how hard you try to remember them? Let’s not waste any more time. Why allude to these words – hint at them – when we can just talk about them. This little bio about a grammar-loving, black and white bear called Panda covers some of the most commonly muddled-up words. It’s the ultimate – well, it’s pretty good – ursine word nerd guide.

Panda loves to tell a story. Her affect is always positive when she can spin a good yarn. Telling stories makes her happy; it has a positive effect on her bear-like psyche. She doesn’t promise to affect – alter – the outcome of anything in particular with her tall tales, but she does her best to effect change when she can, all the while wagging her silly little tail with excitement.

Although Panda’s stories might not always be complimentary – she really dislikes hunters and their cruel trophies – they will always be complimentary (she won’t charge us for them). And they are always complementary to whatever else she is hustling that week. She would hate for her hustles not to work well together. She’s a bear with mild OCD – a bit like David Beckham – let’s not forget.

Did you know that Panda really likes witches? A strange obsession for a bear, I know. She doesn’t know which is her favourite witchthey’re all interesting – but I happen to know she is obsessed with Melisandre (Game of Thrones, in case you’re wondering). I think it’s their (the witches) air of mystery that fascinates her, but there are probably several reasons why she’s often to be found watching witchy epics, especially at this time of year.

Another thing that floats Panda’s (bamboo) boat is consumer research. She loves reading about customer spending habits (she’s worked on many an article on that subject), especially when it’s about costumiers (that bit’s not true). (Panda loves nothing more than a good bear costume, particularly when it’s black and white and its tail is longer than the stubby little appendage she was blessed with.)

Anyway, I expect by now you’re fed up of hearing what Panda likes and doesn’t like. She’s just a regular black and white bear after all, with a love of grammar and short stories, and a very stubby tail. But hopefully you won’t have wasted your time reading this blog about Panda’s likes and dislikes and words that people frequently scratch their heads over.

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