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Updated: Jan 14

How has your year been?


For me, 2023 has been a bit of a rollercoaster. I’m not one to wish time away – I like being in the moment – but I’m kind of ready to let this one go.


But let’s start with the positives. Something that has gone from strength to strength is my charity, The Sanctuary Angels. It has earned almost as much (for animal rescue) this year as my editing business has (for me). Which means there are some very happy animals (and rescuers) out there. And some very generous donors, even in these difficult times. And it means that I’ve hustled hard – who doesn’t love a bit of hustling – growing a two-woman weekend venture into a thriving voluntary organisation that has raised more than £86,000 for animal rescue since 2009.  


I’m also proud that I took action for my health and wellbeing this year. We cannot underestimate the hormonal changes that women face – at various stages in their lives. These changes impact mental and physical health – they can be overwhelming and devastating. And there is help at hand, if you want it. So, if you’re at your wits end – and hot and tearful when you don’t want to be – ring your doctor and talk through the options. That said, I’m currently 33rd in the queue to speak to a doctor! But that’s another story.


Finally, let’s talk business, because 2023 has been pivotal for me as a solopreneur. Perfect Words (and Amanda George) hit a bit of a brick wall this year. So many challenges arose that I wanted to tuck my precious little business away in a box marked ‘I can’t do this anymore’ and run back to secure employment. But brick walls can be friends. In finding a way over them, we find ourselves. When we let ourselves be vulnerable, that is where the magic begins.  


This year I had to dig deep. I have done things I’ve been putting off for years, because if I don’t do them, my business won’t survive. I've worked with a mentor, joined the CIEP, gone to local networking meetings, done webinars, made vision boards, battled training courses, asked clients for testimonials and had both websites revamped. And in doing this, I’ve got to really know (and mostly like) myself (and my business and charity). Not to mention the amazing connections I have made on LinkedIn and at local business meetings. Who knew you could find a community as a freelancer?


So, I’m ditching what doesn’t work for me. I’m working out what makes me happy – and unhappy. And I’m getting all my systems in order – you can visit my website for updates to hourly rates/payment terms from January 2024. And other updates – including the latest testimonials from my fabulous clients. Those made me happy.


And by doing all of this, I hope my business will emerge stronger. And if it doesn't, then it's time to let it go. Because I am my business. And now is the time. And if I invest in myself, create better boundaries and become crystal clear in my communications, then my business will go from strength to strength. And that will mean a happy me and happy clients.


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