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About me

I am a native English speaker with a degree in Latin and English from Nottingham University, where I was also editor of the student magazine. Ten years at Heffers Booksellers, Cambridge, gave me an invaluable insight into the art of bookselling, customer service and publishing, as well as offering the perfect workplace for a lover of books.


As Publications Officer at St John's College, Cambridge, I produced top-quality literature, which required superb attention to detail, flexibility, excellent organisation skills and an ability to deal with people at all levels. I am learning Italian, Spanish and French on a daily basis, which really helps my work with people from around the world; I am a fast touch-typist with good IT skills; and for several years I have worked extensively as a freelance proofreader and copy-editor (proof-editor) with publishers, educational institutions, charities, businesses, book authors, university students and academics from around the world. I also understand and respect the ethical guidelines for students suggested by the Chartered Institute of Editing and Proofreading and academic institutions.

Perfect Words offers an affordable, professional proofreading and copy-editing (proof-editing) service. I can also provide a copywriting service. Clear, concise and plain writing will get your message across to your target audience. Professional, engaging and accurate copy will set you apart and make you feel more confident. As well as helping with your academic project,  I can polish your book draft, blog or brochure, help to coordinate and strengthen your social media branding, or perfect your website, CV or covering letter. We will work as a team, making you feel proud of your skills and ready to share what you have created with the world. Excellent customer service, professionalism and integrity are guaranteed. 

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